Visiting Parks and Squares of Manaus


Discover Parks and Squares in Manaus that we have selected for you in this Blog!

Manaus is a metropolis in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and is the capital of Brazil’s largest state, Amazonas.

It is a destination for those who like nature, culture, gastronomy, and warmth!

The city offers these requirements in some of these spaces in the urban area, and that is what we are going to talk about.

Jeferson Peres Park

The Jeferson Peres Park is located on Avenida Lourenço da Silva Braga, 1507 – Centro, Manaus – AM.

It is an urban park designed, presents several metallic structures such as the entrance portico that is 10 meters high, arches that resemble tunnels, and has some exhibitions also in metal scattered around the place.

It is open for free every day from 6am to 10pm.

You can find more information about the park on the portal

Pórtico de Entrada - Parque Jeferson Peres, parques e praças em manaus
Photo: Tereza Cidade

Dom Pedro II Square

The Dom Pedro II Square, so named in honor of the last emperor of Brazil, is located at 283 Bernardo Ramos Street – Center, Manaus – AM, in front of the Municipal Palace – now the Museum of the City of Manaus (MUMA).

The square has in its terrain vestiges of ancient Amazonian civilizations, the funerary urns, for this reason the square is registered by IPHAN (Institute of National Historic and Artistic Heritage) as an archaeological site.

The French-style square with its asymmetrical gardens still has artifacts from other countries, the Fountain of the Muses and the Bandstand, both made of imported cast iron from Liverpool, England. The square has been revitalized and is now open to the public.

parques e praças de Manaus
Source: Amazonas e Mais

Black River Park

The Black River Park is located at Beira Mar Street, 121 – São Raimundo – Manaus/AM.

It is an environment that seeks a better urban and environmental projection.

It has a running track, space for children, benches, bathrooms and one of the most important things of the place, an incredible view of the Rio Negro.

At the moment the place is closed for renovation, for more information visit

Parque Rio Negro, praças e parques de manaus
Source: No Amazonas é Assim

Antônio Bittencourt Square (Congresso Square)

The square popularly called Congress Square is located on Ramos Ferreira Avenue, s/n – Center – Manaus/AM.

It gained its popular name due to the 1st Diocesan Eucharistic Congress of Manaus, in June 1942, that took place there.

It is a flat space with vegetation and benches which makes it very pleasant to visit, it also has accessibility for people with physical disabilities and food and book kiosks, sometimes it is the stage for events, concerts, plays and even popular manifestos, more information at

Praça do Congresso, praças e parques de manaus
Fonte: Blogdorocha

Mindu Municipal Park

The Mindu Park, Rua Domingos José Martins, s/n – Parque Dez de Novembro, Manaus – AM.

It is a conservation unit managed by the Manaus City Hall.

Reopened for public visitation, after being closed for a while due to the pandemic, the park was revitalized during this period, and now opens its doors with the new security measures.

The leisure space is in a green area and it is possible to observe the Amazon fauna, and you can even see agoutis, Collared Peccaries, and other animals.

It is open from 6am to 5pm, from Tuesday to Sunday, and is free of charge, Prefeitura de Manaus.



Parque do Mindu, praças e parques de manaus
Source: G1 Photo: Altemar Alcântara

September 5 Square (Saudade Square)

It is located at Rua Simão Bolívar s/n, Centro – Manaus-AM, the 5 de Setembro Square.

It received this name because of the elevation of Amazonas to the category of Province and also as a way to honor Tenreiro Aranha who fought for this act (ibge.library).

In the square there is even a statue in his honor, there were also 2 statues representing the primitive and modern man, these artifacts are now in the gardens of MUMA (Museum of the City of Manaus).

About the popular name Praça da Saudade (Nostalgia Square), there is no record for sure of the reason of this name adopted by the popular, only theories, among them, that it came from the old cemetery that was in front of the place and was relocated to another place, hence Saudade.

praça da saudade, praças e parques de manaus
Source: Viva Manaus Photo: Ingrid Anne/Manauscult

MUSA – Botanical Garden

The Muse is located on Avenida Margarita, 6305 (formerly Uirapuru), Jorge Teixeira – Manaus, AM.

The site has exhibitions, a lake of Victoria Regia, aquariums, orchids and trails that lead to the famous Observation Tower of the Muse, with 42 meters high tower allows you to have a panoramic view of the forest, visitation is from Monday to Saturday except on Wednesdays that is closed for maintenance, scheduling and other information are provided in the portal of the MUSA.

Source: Musa

Heliodoro Balbi Square (Police Square)

Located on Sete de Setembro Avenue – Center, Manaus – AM.

Opened during the time of the empire, it is an area with many benches and a lot of trees, it has two ornamental pools, which provides pleasant walks around the place, it has kiosks, bookstores, and it is located in front of the Provincial Palace, which has free entrance.

It is known as Police Square due to the presentations of the Military Police Band and also because in 2004 the Military Police moved to the Provincial Palace with the General Command.

Praça da Polícia
Photo: Wilmar Santin

Forest of Science – INPA

The forest, located at Av. Rodrigo Otávio, 6785 – Petrópolis, Manaus – AM

It is an attraction that brings together Amazonian fauna and flora, and also offers scientific dissemination, leisure and education. The animals can be observed freely or in the forest’s mediations such as the manatee aquariums, alligator nursery, giant otters, Amazon turtles and bees’ condominium.

The exhibitions available are Casa do Seringueiro, Casa da Ciência, Vidas Aquáticas, Paiol da Cultura.  In technologies the space offers the Casa Eco-Bambu, Casa de Rolo-Resto, Agua Box and Casa de Madeira. For visitation days and times access, Bosque.inpa.

Bosque da Ciência
Source: Photo: Wérica Lima/Inpa

Are you curious?  Get to know the Parks and Squares of Manaus! Visit the city and embark on this adventure with us!


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