Set up your route in the Amazon


The Amazon is a place full of possibilities and with incredible opportunities, from cultural tours to wild trails. Because it is such a varied destination, the chances of you choosing how to set up your route in the Amazonas end up being one of the most striking points when visiting this place.

O Turismo Ecológico na Amazônia é uma ótima oportunidade para quem quer aprender curiosidades sobre a floresta e os elementos que a compõem, assim, desenvolvendo uma educação ambiental para os turistas.
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For this you need to make a self-analysis and answer for yourself if you are someone who prefers historical places or if you have a more adventurous spirit and, in this way, we can proceed with the editing of the script.

Understanding and historicity

Let’s travel through time and try to understand how Manaus, capital of Amazonas, was formed. Besides being able to visit the most famous attractions of the city, we will be able to know what was the behavior of the civilization that was beginning to divert its eyes to this place and what reasons led to the creation of great historical monuments and buildings.

Manaus como era antigamente, com seus prédios históricos.
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Although relatively new, the Museum of the City of Manaus is the main stop for understanding the whole history of Manaus. In this museum it is possible to observe the charms of the flying rivers, the history of the city, some works by Amazonian authors, testimonies of people living in the Amazon and much more.

Although after a certain time the extraction of latex has diminished, it was still possible to take advantage of beautiful constructions that nowadays mark a whole generation and that make the Historical Center one of the most beautiful in Brazil.

A Catedral Metropolitana de Manaus popularmente conhecida como Igreja da Matriz – o nome da Praça XV de Novembro é conhecido como Praça da Matriz –, foi construída no século XVIII ao lado do Igarapé do Espírito Santo e da Ribeira, que foram aterrados pelo Governador Eduardo Ribeiro, para aformoseamento da construção da praça.

As much as the European caused the decharacterization of what is natural and transforming them into large buildings full of glamour, having a piece of Europe in South America was suggestive and instigating.

O impetuoso Teatro Amazonas foi construído no período de riqueza Amazônica, conhecido como Belle Époque, onde o latéx extraído da seringueira fomentava a economia amazonense.

The construction of buildings such as the Amazon Theater, Palace of Justice, Provincial Palace and many others, are some more works that make the visitor feel, in fact, in European buildings. There is still a lot behind the construction of each of these buildings and they are certainly remarkable and important for our society.

Adventure and jungle

In adventure and jungle we will be a little more radical and live great experiences a little further from civilization. From exploring the rivers, to even making land trails in the middle of the jungle, the Amazon invites us to have this proximity to nature and face everything that has to come.

O turismo náutico oferece incontáveis possibilidades como as trilhas pela natureza, trilhas aquáticas por igapós, contato com a comunidade local e conhecer Reservas de Desenvolvimento Sustentável.
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For those who seek to live more intensely, the city of Presidente Figueiredo is one of the most incredible destinations for this adventure relationship, being able to visit the most beautiful waterfalls in Brazil, visit caves, rappel and even camp in one of the nearby places.

Para quem busca viver com mais intensidade, o município de Presidente Figueiredo é um dos destinos mais incríveis para essa relação de aventura, podendo conhecer as mais belas cachoeiras no Brasil, visitar grutas, rapel e até mesmo acampar em um dos locais próximos.

For those who are looking for animation in the rivers, boarding a boat or yacht can be a good option, making itineraries for tours in the middle of the Rio Negro, towards the botos and visiting indigenous communities can be a great adventure.

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