Presidente Figueiredo the Land of Waterfalls


Presidente Figueiredo, located 133 kilometers from the capital, Manaus, is known as the Land of Waterfalls.

Its natural attractions make Presidente Figueiredo a destination for leisure, nature, and adventure, being the target of various audiences, from solitary people to entire families.

In this blog you will see some of these incredible waterfalls!

RBarcos recommends that you wear closed shoes and light clothes during your visits to the waterfalls for your best comfort!

Urubuí Creek

One of the main stops in Presidente Figueiredo is for sure the Corredeira do Urubuí!

It is located inside an environmental protection area, viajaré, and has restaurants nearby.

The park is on the left side of the BR-174 from Manaus to Presidente Figueiredo,

Source: Blog da Floresta

Mutum Waterfall

The Mutum waterfall, besides its fall, also has 10 natural pools that enchant visitors.

To get there it is necessary to take a trail that can sometimes be muddy and can take up to an hour of walking.

Rodovia am 240 Km 51 Estrada de Balbina, Presidente Figueiredo, Amazonas (State) 69735-000 Brazil, TripAdvisor.

Cachoeira do Mutum Presidente Figueiredo
Source: Portal Manaus 24h Photo: @izabelefreitas

Onça Waterfall

The Onça Waterfall is inside a private property and it is necessary to pay an entrance fee.

Ideal for those going with children, the Cachoeira da Onça is located at Km 922 of BR 174,

Cachoeira presidente Figueiredo
Source: Travels and Paths

Sanctuary Waterfall

Surely one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Presidente Figueiredo.

The Sanctuary Waterfall is inside the Ecological Reserve Cachoeira do Santuário, it stands out for its infrastructure, it is possible to stay close to it, because there are chalets, pools and restaurant, learn more at

Located at km 12 of the AM-240 highway, guichevirtual.

cachoeira do santuário presidente figueiredo
Source: TripAdvisor

Iracema Waterfall

The waterfall has a large volume of water, so it is necessary to be careful with this natural beauty!

It is located inside the Iracema Falls Ecological Park, which also includes other attractions such as the Araras Waterfall, caves and trails!

There is also a hotel and restaurant available.

Located at KM 998 (former KM 115) of the BR-174 highway,

cachoeiras de presidente figueiredo
Source: Amazonas e Mais

Pierced Stone Waterfall

This waterfall has a curious fall, the water passes through an opening in the rock, hence the name Pedra Furada Waterfall.

After the water falls a natural pool is formed, which is shallow, so it is a very attractive place to go with children.

Located at Km 57 of AM-240 (Balbina Road),

Source: Amazonas Atual

Natal Waterfall

The waterfall is about 50 meters long, and less than 10 meters high,

Just like the Iracema Waterfall it can become dangerous at the peak of its volume, between May and July, the ideal is to visit it in the middle of the year, neither too full nor too dry, from November to April.

Located at Km 7 of Ramal do Urubuí.

cachoeira natal
Source: TripAdvisor

Asframa Waterfall

This waterfall, as well as the Pedra Furada waterfall, forms a very tranquil natural pool.

It has easy access, you need to walk only 5 minutes, the place also has a restaurant, forest and soccer field according to

Located at km 96 of who comes by BR 174 direction Manaus – Presidente Figueiredo, 

Source: portalamazonia

Cachoeira dos Pássaros Waterfall

The waterfall has a low drop and goes like a rapids where you can have fun on a zip line!

It offers camping, restaurant, tables and chairs, indoor parking and restrooms,

Located at Km 13 of AM 240, Presidente Figueiredo.

cachoeira dos pássaros presidente figueiredo
Source: Go Hurb Photo: Casal Nômade

Orquídeas Waterfall

The Cachoeira das Orquídeas is located in a municipal park still in the urban area of Presidente Figueiredo, after the fall of the waterfall the water forms a kind of pool,

To get to the waterfall it is necessary to walk a 1.5 km trail, the trail is straight and without steep walks.


Did you like to know a little more about the attractions of Presidente Figueiredo, the Land of Waterfalls?

Then embark on this adventure through the Amazon with us!


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