Postcard of Manaus: getting to know the Amazon Theater


The most cited and sought after historical attraction when commenting on Manaus, the Amazonas Theater is loaded with historical beauty and many mysteries that still surround the surroundings in the historic center of Manaus.

Considered the postcard of the city of Manaus and the greatest cultural symbol of the capital of Amazonas, and also responsible for the famous so-called “Paris of the Tropics”, it was listed as a historical heritage by IPHAN in 1966, located on Avenida Eduardo Ribeiro, it reaches more than 280 thousand visitors a year. It was an elite theater for that enriched society. the postcard of the city of Manaus

The idea was to build a theater that was not just a theater, but a majestic building that brought Manaus closer to a European capital like Paris. The project for the construction of the Amazonas Theater was made by the provincial deputy Antônio José Fernandes Júnior and was presented to the Provincial Assembly on May 21, 1881

Manaus 351 anos: O impetuoso Teatro Amazonas foi construído no período de riqueza Amazônica, conhecido como Belle Époque, onde o latéx extraído da seringueira fomentava a economia amazonense.
Amazonas Theater.

 The postcard of Manaus: did you know that the Theater already had another color besides the harmonic rose? Take a look!

Teatro Amazonas in Blue coloring.

During its third renovation in 1974, the color blue caused great controversy in the city, because although some original features of the building were recovered, the facade was painted in blue and white, being rejected by the population; that is why, in the restoration that took place in 1989, the pink tone was resumed.

The concert hall has a capacity for 701 people, distributed among the audience and three floors of cabins.

Teatro Amazonas, considered one of the seven wonders of Brazil, has played host to many famous artists such as The White Stripes, Milton Nascimento, Heitor-Villas Lobos, tenor José Carreras of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and since 1997 has promoted the Amazonas Festival of Opera.
Amazonas Theater Stage

The latter, a tribute to the Brazilian composer Carlos Gomes. In the center, a majestic French bronze chandelier. The Pano de Boca of Teatro Amazonas is another rarity. It was made in 1894, by the Brazilian artist Crispim do Amaral, and describes the meeting of the Negro and Solimões rivers.

The most important concert hall in Amazonas also has a museum with pieces that help tell its story, such as the opera models of the German composer Richard Wagner, designed by the English designer and set designer Ashley Martin-Davis, for the montages of the cycle of the Nibelung Ring in different editions of the Amazonas Opera Festival, there are eight works that are exhibited on the 2nd floor.

Amazonian dancer Marcelo Mourão Gomes has a special space in the museum, where, among many other items, the sneakers with which he performed for the first time in TA, in 1999, with the show “Marcelo Mourão dances in the forest” are exhibited.

Artists’ dressing room

Bringing together several important acts and presentations, Teatro Amazonas is still a reference in history and attractions when related to tourism. Remembering that the countrymen have free entry, just present the RG (General Registry).

Visitor recording show at Teatro Amazonas.




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