Careiro, a municipality you need to know in the Amazon


Careiro is a Brazilian municipality located in the Metropolitan Region of Manaus, in the State of Amazonas. The name of the municipality originated from the word Careiro, which means the path of the Indian, is linked to the layout of the river that cuts through it, the municipality is also known as “Careiro Castanho” to differentiate it from another municipality called Careiro da Várzea. The municipality is located on the banks of the Castanho River, access can be made by river via a boat leaving Manaus, the journey to the place takes about 8 hours.

Source: Portal do Amazonas | Careiro

In addition to its natural beauties, the municipality highlights cupuaçu cultivation and aims to increase tourism and the economy in the region.

AGROPEC – Agricultural and Agribusiness Fair that takes place annually at Careiro

The city annually hosts AGROPEC – Feira Agropecuária e de Agronegócios, which is a traditional fair held 13 years ago in the municipality, which takes place in August, attracting investors, businessmen and rural producers from various municipalities in the interior of the state. The annual event aims to move the municipality’s agribusiness, with a population of over 39 thousand inhabitants. The municipality of Careiro has a diversified potential, mainly in the agricultural and primary sectors. AGROPEC aims to facilitate the purchase of agricultural material cultivated by the countryman and to attract audiences from neighboring municipalities, the event has parades for the choice of the queen of the fair, rodeos and shows of famous nationally known.

AGROPEC - Agricultural and Agribusiness Fair that takes place annually at Careiro
Source: G1 | Agropec – Careiro


The municipality is also known for its ponds full of fish, and this attracts lovers of sport fishing from various parts of the country that contribute to the local tourism of the municipality. Lago do Rei is a complex formed by more than 60 lowland lakes and represents one of the areas with the greatest fish potential in the Amazon, and is the preferred place for amateur and professional fishermen due to the great concentration of species.

Source: Portal do Amazonas

The importance of Lago do Rei for local fishing, according to historical data dates back to the 17th century when in 1667, the place was established as one of the royal fishing grounds of the Portuguese crown and started to be reserved for the capture of fish to feed the military and employees of the Portuguese royal family, the name originating from this historical context. Macaws are some of the fish found in the lake that are most sought after today for sport fishing.

Sport fishing in Careiro

The opening of the mapará fishing season, in Lago do Rei, always takes place after the end of the closed season, when fishing for this and other species such as pirarucu, tambaqui, matrinxã, pirapitinga, sardinha, pacu and aruanã is prohibited. The closed season ends on March 15th, and the measure was instituted to guarantee the protection of the reproduction of species. In addition to Lago do Rei, the municipality also houses other places for sport fishing such as Lago do Mamori which is a large floodplain lake, much visited and revered for the diversity of its numerous birds and fish.

Sport fishing in Careiro
Source: Last Fronties | Lake Mamori

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