Brazilian Amazon Gastronomy


The Amazonian gastronomy, unlike others in Brazil, was one of those that most preserved its indigenous origins, with little Portuguese or African influence. As one of the most exotic cuisines in the country, Amazonian gastronomy has an influence in Brazil and in the world. Discover the diversity and flavors of Brazilian Amazon gastronomy.

In Brazil, the largest state in territorial extension is Amazonas. Being cut by two rivers of extreme importance, not only for cooking but also for the economy of the state, these rivers are home to more than two thousand species of fish. Fundamentally for this reason, Amazonian gastronomy values ​​the native fish from its rivers.

Fonte: Portal Neo Mondo

Varieties of fish found in regional cuisine

The main species of fish consumed are tambaqui, tucunaré, pirarucu, jaraqui, pacu and matrinxã, which are transformed into typical dishes, served fried, roasted or boiled. Most cooked dishes, such as fish stew, are accompanied by pirão (a kind of manioc flour pasta cooked in the fish broth itself) or by tucupi, a yellow sauce made from the fermentation of cassava juice. For fried and roasted fish, “baião de dois” (homogeneous mixture of beans, rice and green scent) and Uarini flour are indispensable.

Amazon gastronomy - "Pacu"
Source: Rota 1976 | Fried pacu

Typical fruits of the region

In the gastronomy of the Amazon, it also stands out for its unique fruits, some totally unknown to the rest of the country and others that have already become famous in Brazil and the outside world. The ones that stand out the most are Cupuaçu, Tucumã, Pupunha and Açaí. Some of them are made juices, desserts. They add sandwiches or simply accompany the breakfast of the Amazonians.

Amazon gastronomy - "Cupuaçú"
Source: Globo Rural Magazine – | Cupuaçú

Breakfast in the Amazon region

On the morning menu, coffee with milk and the famous French bread are baptized affectionately by the Amazonian manioc bread, due to its crunchy appearance. Tapioca, which is the mass of cassava, usually stuffed with butter or rennet cheese and tucumã. Another option is the famous “X-Caboquinho” sandwich that has been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Amazonas, which contains the ingredients: French bread, curd cheese, fried plantains, egg and tucumã.

Amazon gastronomy - "X- caboquinho"
Source: Parintins Festival 2020 | X-Caboquinho

Where to find the flavors of Amazon gastronomy

All of these delights can be found in the local regional restaurants. For those who want to take trips that involve visiting beaches, there are regional floating restaurants that also offer the best of local cuisine. It is worth remembering that in addition to regional restaurants, Manaus also offers national and international cuisine in several restaurants around the city.

These restaurants can be accessed through our boats. RBarcos also has nautical packages that take you to this meeting of flavors.


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